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Classroom Course Calendar

Classroom Course Calendar

QRP International has a full calendar of accredited best practice training in Switzerland in PRINCE2®, ITIL®, MSP®, P3O®, MoP®, PMP®, AgilePM®, PRINCE2 Agile®, Change Management.

Select a training to view our public schedule of courses, dates and locations.

Consider that if you follow both Foundation and Practitioner level you benefit from a 10 to 15% immediate discount! To obtain this offer you just have to select the Combi option.

Furthermore, we offer a number of ways for you and your organization to take full advantage of your training budget, which will allow you to reach your desired goals for less. Ask for our «Training Passport» solution and bundle for simultaneous registration in several courses (ITIL excluded):
– 2 courses : 5% reduction
– 3 courses and more : 10% reduction

Contact us if you want to know more.

(All prices without VAT according to the art. 21 VAT act of the Swiss law).

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P3O - Foundation3 DaysEnglish9-10-11 March 2020ZurichCHF2950Book now
ITIL - Foundation V42 DaysGerman11-12 March 2020ZurichCHF2290Book now
DevOps - Foundation2 DaysEnglish11-12 March 2020ZurichCHF2200Book now
P3O - Combi5 DaysEnglish9-10-11-12-13 March 2020ZurichCHF4550Book now
Change Management - Foundation3 DaysFrench16-17-18 March 2020MorgesCHF2150Book now
Change Management - FoundationConfirmed3 DaysEnglish16-17-18 March 2020GenevaCHF2150Book now
Change Management - CombiConfirmed5 DaysEnglish16-17-18-19-20 March 2020GenevaCHF3750Book now
Change Management - Combi5 DaysFrench16-17-18-19-20 March 2020MorgesCHF3750Book now
Change Management - PractitionerConfirmed2 DaysEnglish19-20 March 2020GenevaCHF2250Book now
Change Management - Practitioner2 DaysFrench19-20 March 2020MorgesCHF2250Book now
Early Bird Discount 15%ITIL - Managing Professional Transition5 DaysFrench16-17-18-19-20 March 2020Morges
4900 CHF 4165
Book now
PRINCE2 2017 - Foundation3 DaysGerman23-24-25 March 2020ZurichCHF2450Book now
PRINCE2 2017 - Combi5 DaysGerman23-24-25-26-27 March 2020ZurichCHF3825Book now
AgilePM - Combi4 DaysGerman23-24-25-26-27 March 2020ZurichCHF3750Book now
MSP - Foundation3 DaysGerman23-24-25 March 2020ZurichCHF2950Book now
MSP - Combi5 DaysGerman23-24-25-26-27 March 2020ZurichCHF4550Book now
AgilePM - Foundation2,5 DaysGerman23-24-25 March 2020ZurichCHF2150Book now
DevOps - Leader3 DaysEnglish25-26-27 March 2020ZurichCHF2290Book now
PRINCE2 2017 - Foundation3 DaysEnglish23-24-25 March 2020ZurichCHF2450Book now
PRINCE2 2017 - Practitioner2 DaysGerman26-27 March 2020ZurichCHF2050Book now


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