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Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classroom Training

Interested in following a distance learning course? Our practically experienced team of trainers offers practical experience, passion, commitment and above-average spirit through a “virtual training” session. You can immediately acquire the practical knowledge and get the internationally recognized certificates from the comfort of your own home!

Our Virtual Classroom solution

We do our utmost to make our clients happy. It is with this core value in the back of our heads that we developed the Virtual Classrooms. We thought about giving you the best possible learning experience. In this light we decided not to just copy the on site classroom courses, but we shuffled it up. Our Virtual Classroom courses are made out of a mix of live training and homework. This is because we do not think you will be happy to sit behind your webcam for eight hours straight.

The QRP International Virtual Classroom Training is structured as a combined use of GoToTraining and aNewSpring.

  • A series of virtual classroom sessions organized and broadcasted through GoToTraining.
  • E-learning on the aNewSpring platform, you have access to all the training material and test your knowledge through exam sample questions.

Here’s how this combination will revolutionize your training experience:

Online Exams included

The exam will take place online thanks to the remote ProctorU technology. ProctorU is a remote online Exam Invigilation service. Exams can be taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a webcam and a reliable high-speed internet.

Mobile Training

Participants can access training sessions from iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

For our virtual classroom training course participants only need an Internet-capable PC, an updated browser (such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer); if possible with headphones.

Virtual Training Calendar

QRP International organises fully accredited Virtual Training in English, French and German. The course is divided in 3 to 5 half-day live-training sessions.

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ITIL - Direct, Plan and Improve4 Half DaysEnglish27-28-29-30 September 2021VirtualCHF1460Book now
ITIL - Drive Stakeholder Value4 Half DaysEnglish27-28-29-30 September 2021VirtualCHF1460Book now
ITIL - High Velocity IT4 Half DaysEnglish27-28-29-30 September 2021VirtualCHF1460Book now
PMP - Exam PreparationConfirmed6 daysEnglish28-29 Oct - 9-10 Nov - 25-26 Nov 2021VirtualCHF2700Book now
PMP - Exam Preparation6 daysFrench28-29 Oct - 9-10 Nov - 25-26 Nov 2021VirtualCHF2700Book now
ITIL - Create, Deliver and SupportConfirmed4 demi-journéesFrench25-27-28-29 Octobre 2021VirtualCHF1460Book now
ITIL - FoundationConfirmed4 demi-journéesFrench2-3-4-5 Novembre 2021VirtualCHF1075Book now
AgilePM - Combi6 mezze giornateItalian2-3-4-5 Novembre-2-3 DicembreVirtualCHF1890Book now
AgilePM - Foundation4 mezze giornateItalian2-3-4-5 NovembreVirtualCHF1075Book now
HERMES 5 - Foundation2 TageGerman8-9 November 2021VirtualCHF1750Book now
HERMES 5 - Advanced3 TageGerman8-9-10 November 2021VirtualCHF2400Book now
PRINCE2 2017 - Combi8 halbe TageGerman15-16-17-18-19 November - 13-14-15 Dezember 2021VirtualCHF2090Book now
ITIL - FoundationConfirmed4 Half DaysEnglish15-16-17-18 November 2021VirtualCHF1075Book now
PRINCE2 2017 - Foundation5 Half DaysEnglish15-16-17-18-19 November 2021VirtualCHF1200Book now
PRINCE2 2017 - Foundation5 halbe TageGerman15-16-17-18-19 November 2021VirtualCHF1200Book now
PRINCE2 2017 - Combi8 Half DaysEnglish15-16-17-18-19 November - 20-21-22 December 2021VirtualCHF2090Book now
ITIL - Foundation4 halbe TageGerman15-16-17-18 November 2021VirtualCHF1075Book now
HERMES 5 - Foundation2 joursFrench17-18 Novembre 2021VirtualCHF1750Book now
HERMES 5 - Advanced3 joursFrench17-18-19 Novembre 2021VirtualCHF2400Book now
PRINCE2 2017 - CombiConfirmed8 demi-journéesFrench22-23-24-24-26 Novembre - 8-9-10 Déc. 2021VirtualCHF2090Book now

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