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Online training
E-Learning course

If your objective is to acquire new theoretical knowledge in a structured way at your own pace, our E-Learning is the perfect solution. Individual learning has evolved over the years and will give you the freedom to study at your own speed and adapt your online training to your personal schedule.

Our E-Learning solutions

Developed by QRP in-house experts, our fully accredited eLearning courses have been taken from the official syllabus and made into an interactive and exclusive online training solution in order to prepare you for the exam(s). Our solution gives you the freedom to learn when you want, where you want, as much as you want! You will have access to our online learning platform 24/7. The online course consists of thematic videos, which will help you to understand the chosen method. You will be guided by the system and be able to perform online tests to achieve the required level of knowledge to pass the exam.

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Online exam included

Your exam(s) will take place online thanks to the remote ProctorU technology which gives you the freedom to take your exams at a time and location convenient for you. Exams can be taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a webcam and a reliable high-speed internet connection.

Mobile Training

Participants can access online training sessions from iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

For our online course participants only need an Internet-capable PC, an updated browser (such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer).

PRINCE2 Foundation12 monthsEnglishCHF 790Book now
PRINCE2 Practitioner12 monthsEnglishCHF 790Book now
PRINCE2 Combi12 monthsEnglishCHF 1350Book now
PRINCE2 Foundation12 monthsFrenchCHF 790Book now
PRINCE2 Practitioner12 monthsFrenchCHF 790Book now
PRINCE2 Combi12 monthsFrenchCHF 1350Book now
ITIL 4 Foundation12 monthsEnglishCHF 790Book now
ITIL 4 Foundation12 monthsFrenchCHF 790Book now
ITIL 4 Foundation12 monthsGermanCHF 790Book now
HERMES Foundation6 monthsEnglishCHF 590Book now
HERMES Foundation6 monthsFrenchCHF 590Book now
HERMES Foundation6 monthsGermanCHF 590Book now
HERMES Advanced6 monthsEnglishCHF 590Book now
HERMES Advanced6 monthsFrenchCHF 590Book now
HERMES Advanced6 monthsGermanCHF 590Book now
HERMES Combi9 monthsEnglishCHF 990Book now
HERMES Combi9 monthsFrenchCHF 990Book now
HERMES Combi9 monthsGermanCHF 990Book now
Agile PM Foundation12 monthsEnglishCHF 690Book now
Agile PM Foundation12 monthsFrenchCHF 690Book now
PRINCE2 Agile Foundation12 monthsEnglishCHF 790Book now
ITIL Specialist Create Deliver and Support12 monthsEnglishCHF 890Book now
PM² Foundation12 monthsEnglishCHF 690Book now
PM² Foundation12 monthsFrenchCHF 690Book now

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