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MoP Management Of Portfolios Course

MoP® (Management of Portfolios) approaches the management of change projects and programmes from a strategic viewpoint.

MoP and Portfolios Management

Portfolios management is defined as a coordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that together enable the most effective balance of organizational change and business as usual.
The Management of Portfolios (MoP) guidance provides advice and examples of how to apply principles, practices, and techniques that help optimize an organization’s investment in change alongside its Business As Usual (BAU) work.
MoP complements the suite of related PPM guidance developed by Best Management Practice – PRINCE2, MSP, P3O and M_o_R to help organizations and individuals to use Best Practice to manage projects, programmes and services consistently and effectively.

It provides an overview of all change activities including what is in the portfolio, what it is costing, what risks are faced, what progress is being made, and what the impact is on business as usual and the organization’s strategic objectives.


Improve your Business with MoP

  • Remove redundant, duplicate and poorly performing programmes and projects.
  • Improve coordination of existing functions and processes.
  • Ensure constrained resources are allocated to optimize strategic impact, coordinate delivery and maintain strategic alignment.
  • Invest in programmes and projects in the context of the current environmental conditions and better coordinate investment in programmes and projects, improve the management of risk and encourage collaborative working.
  • Enhance transparency, accountability and corporate governance.


Improve your Portfolios & Career with MoP

  • Ensure successful delivery in terms of time, quality, budget and benefits realization.
  • Improve engagement and communication between senior management and staff.
  • Offer more informed resource allocation, improved delivery and greater benefits realization going forward.
  • Prioritize programmes and projects in terms of their contribution to your organization’s strategic objectives and overall level of risk.
  • Provide a means for greater efficiency in the delivery of change initiatives via improved resource planning, dependency management and streamlined procedures.

Management of Portfolios – MoP Benefits

  • MoP helps organizations answer a fundamental question ‘Are we sure this investment is right for us and how will it contribute to our strategic objectives?’.
  • MoP helps organisations make decisions about investing in the right change initiatives and implementing them correctly.
  • The programmes and projects undertaken are prioritized in terms of their contribution to the organization’s strategic objectives and overall level of risk
  • Programmes and projects are managed consistently to ensure efficient and effective delivery
  • Benefits realization is maximized to provide the greatest return (in terms of strategic contribution and efficiency savings) from the investment made.
  • MoP addresses the fundamental questions:
    • Are we doing the right things?
    • Are we doing these things right?
    • Are we realising all the benefits in terms of more effective services and efficiency savings from the changes we are implementing?

Management of Portfolios – MoP Elements

The guidance is explained in the following key elements:

  • 5 Flexible Principles
  • 2 Cycles
  • 12 Portfolio Management Practices

Literature and Business Books

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Customize the Management of Portfolios MoP method to your needs

QRP International is a company dedicated to providing consultancy and mentoring through MoP™ Portfolio Management certified consultants, to improve either your individual or organisational capability.

In addition to training, we provide a complete solution to ensure that the standards of the method are embedded and customised to your business environment.

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