HERMES 5 Foundation Exam

The HERMES Foundation certification is a professional qualification in the field of project management.
This certification attests to the understanding of the HERMES 5 project management method.
There are no mandatory requirements. Work experience in project management is recommended.


HERMES Foundation Examination Target

  • Project Manager
  • Project Staff
  • Controller
  • Decision-makers
  • PMO staff
  • Quality Management


HERMES 5 Foundation Exam Format

  • Language: German and French
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Materials permitted: Closed book examination. Books or notes are not allowed
  • Number of exam questions: 40
  • Pass Mark: to pass the written exam, at least 60% of the maximum achievable points are required (24 correct answers)
  • Level of Thinking: Bloom’s levels: 1, 2 & 3
  • Examination format: Paper


HERMES Foundation Exam Sample Questions

In the written examinations, questions are asked about the learning objectives underlying the relevant subject areas of the examination. The procedure for the HERMES 5 Foundation exam is the Single-choice questions.

Single-choice questions: there are several possible answers to each question. Only one answer can be correct (single choice), so only one answer has to be marked. The evaluation is based on a point system.

  • Every correct answer gives a plus point,
  • any incorrect or missing answer (unchecked cross) will be given a zero score.


Example ‘Single-Choice-Frage’:

Which is a source of best practice?
a) Q
b) P
c) R
d) S


HERMES 5 Foundation-Sample question

The HERMES project management method consists of the following method elements:
a) Scenarios, modules, tasks, phases and milestones, application notes, roles, results.
b) Control, guidance, execution.
c) Initialization, concept, realization, introduction.
d) IT standard application, IT individual application, service product, organizational adaptation, individual scenario.


HERMES 5 Foundation Objectives

Based on the “Service – Product” scenario, the participants have gained a deeper understanding of the interaction of the various elements of HERMES, know how to create individual scenarios and are ready for efficient collaboration in HERMES projects.

Here is the list of the main learning objectives:

  • The participants have understood the HERMES basics.
  • The participants have gained an overview of the scope and structure of the standard scenario “
  • Service/Product“.
  • The participants have gained an in-depth insight into the modules “Project control, project management, project basics, product, business organization and implementation organization” in the context of the standard scenario “Service/Product“.
  • The participants have dealt in depth with questions of project organization (roles) in the “Service/Product” scenario.
  • The participants know how to create individual scenarios.
  • The participants are prepared for the HERMES Foundation certification exam (not relevant for the exam).


HERMES 5 Foundation Certification

The participant receives a certificate for the passed exam. If the participant does not pass, he or she receives a certificate of results for taking the exam
The HERMES 5 Foundation certificate is valid for life; this certificate will never expire.


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