Trial and Error. Applying ITIL

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You have followed the course, passed the exam and are now a proud owner of an ITIL certificate.
But what do you do next, how do you actually apply ITIL on a daily basis?

ITIL is created to adopt and adapt, to tailor to your organization, but that is easier than said.
That is why we invited our expert and trainer Kais Albassir to host a series of online ITIL user events.

During this first session, Kais will share his take on the ITIL application and provide some insights, tips & tricks and lessons learned. However, we also like your input. At the start of the event, we will have a poll where we decide together the topic to discuss.

The topics in which you can choose are the following:

  • From ITILv3 to ITIL 4: what are the differences? Why should we go to ITIL 4? What will it bring us?
  • Problem management: how to implement problem management and make it work with Incident Management to leave the catch 22
  • Portfolio management (service, product, supplier, customer,…) and service catalogue
  • Structure: is there a maximum of what you can handle?
  • How to convince Senior Management?

The ‘Trail and error. Applying ITIL‘ event is aimed at those with profound experience with ITIL (v3 or 4).
It is highly encouraged to share your own experiences/challenges with ITIL.


Where & When

  • Date: 23 June 2020
  • Time: 16.30
  • Where: Virtual
  • Language: English
  • Expert: Kais Albassir, one of our expert ITIL trainer and consultant. Experienced and still active in his respective field.
  • Inscription: Free
  • Registration: Register by filling in the form below

For any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!