Swiss Hospital Project Management Maturity

Healthcare is one of the largest industries worldwide.
Switzerland as a whole counts 281 hospitals (BFS, 2017) comprised of both public and private sectors.
New challenges lead to an ever-higher number of initiatives needing to be implemented, which demand a high proficiency in project management.

To make a contribution to the healthcare sector becoming more efficient and competitive, we developed a survey based on various maturity assessment methods and on project management standards such as Hermes, PRINCE2, AgilePM, PMBoK, and the International Competence Baseline (by IPMA).

The report titled ‘Swiss Hospital Project Management Maturity’ is the final output of the Survey. It focuses on the hospital sector comprised of publicly state-owned infrastructures as well as privately held infrastructures within the French, Italian and German-speaking regions of Switzerland only.



Key Players

We collected 102 complete results from 46 hospitals with at least one hospital participating from 20 cantons; the exceptions being Appenzell Inner- and Ausserrhoden, Schaffhausen, Glarus, Zug & Schwyz.
240 hospitals of the officially 281 hospitals were invited to participate. The remaining 41 hospitals were too small, such as all birth-clinics and some specialised surgical, rehabilitation and psychiatric clinics.


Reasons for reading this research report

  • A unique report on the Project Management Maturity in the hospital field.
  • Information about the maturity of various aspects of Project Management in the hospital sector.
  • Learn which PM methodologies are the most popular in the hospital sector.


Report segmentation

Analysis on the basis of:

  • Size of hospitals – Large, Medium, Small.
  • Private and Public.
  • Function – Project and part project managers, Head of Project Management, PMO Manager, Quality Managers, Portfolio Managers, Further members of middle management.
  • Language – German and French.


Table of Contents

  1. Background and introduction.
  2. The research approach.
  3. The results.
     a. Overall maturity.
     b. Maturity of organisational set-up.
     c. Roles and responsibilities.
     d. Maturity of the Project life cycle .
     e. Risk Management.
     f. Stakeholder Engagement.
     g. Benefits Management.
     h. Change and Issue Management.
  4. Summary & conclusions.
  5. Abbreviations and definitions.



This initiative is a joint venture between the Business School of Lausanne (BSL) and ProfeoQRP (based in Chiasso) which is a consulting and training company with expertise in the hospital sector.

The master students of International Business executed the survey during their summer term from the end of May to the End of July 2019. After the term, the project was taken to completion by their professor and ProfeoQRP who was involved from the beginning as a sponsor of this initiative. The survey was kept running until the end of September, the report created between October and December, and the follow-up events carried out in January and February 2020.


Contact Info:

Address: Corso San Gottardo 46E – 6830 Chiasso, Schweiz


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Swiss Hospital Project Management Maturity