Top 5 downloaded articles of 2017

Start the new year with the right knowledge! If you missed out on the five articles below, we give you another chance to download and learn!

These are the top 5 most visited and downloaded articles of 2017, enjoy your reading!

1. PRINCE2 for small scale projects: This article is an excellent review of the challenges people face when using PRINCE2 for smaller projects, together with very useful and practical recommendations on how to scale down the method without losing the essence of its principles. It explains explains the rationale for a ‘light-touch’ approach to the management of small projects based on PRINCE2. Since the launch of PRINCE2 in 1996 organizations have worked to embed the method and this introduction describes some of the outcomes. DOWNLOAD

2. PRINCE2 2017 Chapter 4 Tailoring and adopting PRINCE2: The fourth chapter of the official PRINCE2 2017 manual has the goal to show how to use the inherent flexibility of PRINCE2 to tailor it for any project and build an organizational PRINCE2-based project management method. This chapter includes situations that the project manager may encounter. The chapter also contains specific lists of tips that refer to how to ensure that the tailoring of the methods actually adds value, and illustrates 5 common situation where to tailor PRINCE2. DOWNLOAD

3. Five Ways PRINCE2 can be Agile: AGILE practices started in the 1990 : working groups of experts edited the “AGILE Manifesto” followed quickly by the launch of the “AGILE alliance”. At present, there are about 13 agile approaches used in project management. We asked our expert trainer and consultant Antoine Breton IF and HOW PRINCE2 can be tailored and applied to the so called “Agile Projects”. In this article, he shows 5 PRINCE2  elements that can actually give Agility to your projects. DOWNLOAD

4. What’s the future for Project Management? This article from QRP International has the goal to explain what’s the general status within Project Management world, and how the changes in this environment have helped raise the need for an updated version to PRINCE2. By analyzing the latest report in Project Management, the “The Future Project Management Professional” from Axelos, the article examines the 4 main aspects of change for the profession of Project Manager, and highlights how these changes have a great impact on a well-known and internationally recognized certification like PRINCE2. DOWNLOAD

5. PMO Definitions Challenges Solutions: This is a KEY document for anyone embarking in a PMO challenge. As project management has become accepted as a mainstream management discipline, many organisations have established a PMO (Portfolio, Programme or Project Management Office) function to increase the maturity of their project management approach. This paper describes the community of stakeholders that benefit from the existence of a PMO, the services that are most important to them, the key challenges that PMOs are facing and the ideas that are helping to meet these challenges. DOWNLOAD

PRINCE2 2017 Process Map

Not an article, but still in the TOP 10 of most downloaded item from our Knowledge Center is definitely the updated PRINCE2 Process Map to 2017 version: a graphical ‘at a glance‘ representation of all the PRINCE2 processes and how they fit together and it shows all the processes involved in running a PRINCE2 project from start to finish. This version of the Process Map is the renewed and updated one according to the new 2017 version of the PRINCE2 method. A key document for all project managers that want to run a project following the recommended steps. DOWNLOAD


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