What is a Service Manager? The role and responsibilities

A Service Manager is usually responsible for defining the final service(s) by managing service level agreements and ensuring services meet the business need.

He/She manages the Service Department team members, measure and analyze work performances, proposes improvements to processes, including customer service interaction (complaints and requests).


The role of the Service Manager

The Service Manager main responsibility is to interact with the business team, understand the SLAs and supervise the service team to support and maintain the infrastructures.
This professional is responsible to enable value for customers through services.


The Responsibilities of the Service Manager

The Service Manager’s common responsibilities are

  • Oversee and guide all activities of the Service team.
  • Coordinate SLA creations. (through Interaction with the business team).
  • Ensure team follows best practices and maintain service level agreements.
  • Monitors department issues and client complaints.
  • Develop problem management and service improvement plans.
  • Ensure customer/business, client, support, technical parties are represented in the definition and evolution of services.
  • Offer customer service.
  • Maintain customer relationships.


The Competencies of the Service Manager

Core competencies of the Service Manager are identifiable in two main skill sets:

  • Business Competences.
    • Strategic thinking.
    • Business analysis.
    • Effective Delegation.
    • Managing risks.
    • Prioritization & Time Management.
    • Clear Communication.
    • Business Relationship Management.
  • Technical Competencies.
    • Broad technical understanding.
    • Service Level Management.
    • Service Engineering.
    • Customer Focus.