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Project Management Certification

Project Management Certification

It is very important to choose the right methodology among the several Project Management courses available. Whether you are a professional who wants to improve the CV and upgrade your skills, or you are a Project Manager/ PMO and need to select a Project Management training for your team, department or the entire organization, this is a crucial decision to take. Keep reading to know the key information about the three most known and spread Project Management methodologies.

Project Management methodologies are sets of guiding principles and processes for managing projects. Your choice of a Project Management certification defines how you work and communicate with your team. Keep reading to know about different Project Management trainings and their key facts and differences. Gain practical advice to implement in your working life!

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Project Management Courses

Projects are the tools a company possesses to realize its strategy: from projects, all the way up to portfolio, projects are the concrete and practical results of where the organization decides to invest its money.
Project Management will more and more become a basic business skill: every aspect of any professional role can be considered in terms of project managing and delivering. This is what has been defined as “democratization of Project Management”: Project Management will be widely used by individuals across the whole organization and it will be seen as a valuable business skill. This is why is important to professionalize your skills and to choose the right Project Management training for your career.

Project Management Certification

Let’s take a look at the most common and widespread Project Management Methodologies and certifications:

Choose the Right Project Management Certification

Project Management Methodologies.
How to Choose the Right Training?

We would be happy to provide more info on the different project management trainings available. If you fill in this contact form, we will get in touch to understand your actual situation and the needs you have, in order to figure out the best solution for you and your team, or to grow in your career. Get in touch, we’re happy to help!