Who are the Team Leader and the Team Manager? Roles and Responsibilities

A Team Leader is a specific term used in the AgilePM methodology while a Team Manager is a term used in the PRINCE2 methodology. Both organize the production in a constantly changing context while ensuring the team cohesion.

They provide direction, instruction and advice to a group of people, also known as a team, in order to achieve a certain goal. An effective Team leader/manager will know the strengths, weaknesses and motivations of all of his/her team members.


Team Manager Role in a PRINCE2 Project

Team Manager is the person responsible for production. This within the limits that are set by the project board, regarding quality, timescale and costs. The Team Manager is allocated by the Project Manager and this is defined in the work package.

The Team Manager role reports to and takes direction from, the Project Manager. If a Team Manager is not assigned, the Project Manager will undertake the responsibilities of the Team Manager role.


Team Leader Role in an AgilePM Project

Team Leader ideally acts as the servant-leader for the Solution Development Team.
It ensures that the team functions as a whole and meets its objectives. Team Leader works with the team to plan and coordinate all aspects of product delivery at a detailed level.

This is a leadership role rather than a management role. The person holding it will ideally be elected by his or her peers as the best person to lead them through a particular stage of the project. It is therefore likely that the Team Leader will also perform another development team role, in addition to their team leadership responsibilities.


Team Leader and the Team Manager Responsibilities


Team Leader and the Team Manager Competences

The Team Leader Manager must have:

  • significant managerial / leadership and organizational skills
  • a developed sense of teamwork
  • great technical knowledge to be able to understand all tasks carried out by his team
  • time management and problem-solving skills
  • great knowledge of the software used in the project

And the Project Manager, how is that role defined?